Stranger in this Town

Its cold….its damn fucking cold. This coldness has gone on way too long. Its 2:30am or so in the morning and I cant sleep. So much on my mind that there seems to be no way to stop thinking….Thinking is not my friend at all tonight…..Oh no sir it isn’t…….

And this about sums up what I’m thinking about:

“Hey mister can you tell me
What this world’s about
It might just help me out
I used to be a dreamer
But my dreams have burned
You know how luck can turn

Sometimes it’s hard to find a friendly face
Feel like a stranger to the human race
It’s such a lonely, lonely place

I walk alone in the darkness of the city
Got no place to call home
I might be dyin’
But you can’t hear a sound
‘Cause midnight rain is comin’ down
I’m just a stranger, a stranger in this town

Everybody loves a winner
Till the winners lose
And then it’s front page news
Nobody loves a loser
When you’re down and out
You know there ain’t no doubt

I’m just a victim of circumstance
Please mister give me a helping hand
Brother won’t you understand”


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