Time Well Spent

Have you ever spent as much time as possible with someone, for no apparent reason whatsoever. There is no explanation as to why you yearn for this persons company. Love I hear you say, silently…… But no!!!


Not the kind of person you wake up and think about first thing, or the last person you think about before you sleep. Just someone who seems to understand you, accepts you for who you are, for what you are, no matter your faults….


A person who seems to enhance the quality of your life, shows you things you would never have seen before, done things you would never have done before. I find it a somewhat comforting thought that you can find such a friend in life, who expects nothing of you yet gives soo much it seems almost unreal. Someone you could turn to for anything at any given moment. Whether it be a problem, or just the need to talk to someone.


These kinds of people are few and far between and should you ever find a person like this, hold on, don’t ever let go. Treat them with the respect they so deserve and love them like you love yourself……. Time spent with them is truly Time Well Spent

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