Today was not a bad day at all.Managed to get half of what I wanted to do done and that’s not a bad thing. The rest is just little bits here and there that I can fit into my day somewhere tomorrow. Stopped by My Ladies on the way home from work just to say  hi and get a hug. Wont see her till tomorrow evening and although I miss her dearly, the time we spend apart tonight will only magnify the meaning of the time we spend together tomorrow Smilie: :)

Had a rather pleasant dinner of marinated ribs done on the fire with potatoes and a wonderful salad. Drank way too much Vimto soda today so tomorrow I think will be mainly a water day. I think I will definitely be buying myself a massive bottle of Oros sometime. Water is one thing but I get bored of the taste. There is Nothing like an ice cold refreshing Oros to quench my thirst. Have just discovered Oros is now in powder form and also as a fizzy drink mmmmm, think I will definitely be finding me a Fizzy Oros tomorrow……..It will be my mission of the day.

Doing a lot of work these days on my Acer Aspire One Netbook, However it is the original model with the 8gig HDD and 512mb of memory, I installed Win Xp Pro on it and it is very very sluggish. Trying to find a decent netbook OS to run on it till I replace it next year.Was thinking of either Ubuntu Netbook Remix or the new Google OS Chrome. Internet Explorer on this netbook is very slow so I am just installed Google Chrome Browser as it seems to be quicker and I like the tabs (netbook still on IE 6 after reinstall)

Alas it is time to head for bed. Up early in the morning, I find getting to the office before everyone else gives me time to prepare my tasks for the day without interference, and stupid questions…I really abhor stupid questions early in the morning, more so than I hate them any other time of the day……

Good Night!!!!!

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