Sunday Rocks!!!


Slept so incredibly well last nite and slept very this morning. Was an awesome nites sleep and i felt soo refreshed and invigorated. Spent most of the morning and early afternoon on the couch watching TV

with a slight break to make an awesome breakfast/brunch of Ham, Egg and cheese on Toasted rolls….Was an awesome awesome breakfast.


Came back into town to fetch some work stuff and then off to the office to catch up on some work that needs to be done by tomorrow morning. Have two clients to see early in the morning and the rest of my day looks pretty easy going and I am looking forward to getting out of town again tomorrow evening, Dinner with good friends and then and awesome nites sleep again.


This weekend was one of the most amazing weekends of my life, I truly am a very lucky man to have My Lady…She makes everything worthwhile for me Smile Right…Another hour so at the office and I can head home for a good nites rest and early up Monday morning so I can get to my clients on time and get done for the day….. Goodbye weekend!!!!!

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