Diary Entry 8


It is past midnight and today is the day of our 4 Month Anniversary. The feelings of Joy and happiness are overwhelming. We have come so far My Love….. 4 Of the happiest months of my life shared with the woman of my dreams. I never in my life believed I could find such happiness. I never thought I would find YOU!!!


My life has changed since we met, for the better. I am the Man I should always have been. Happy, full of emotion, full of smiles and laughter. I am motivated, always, to do my best, to rise to the challenges life may throw at me and to always come out on top.


I thank you for your love, your loyalty and your dedication. Being loved by you is more satisfying and awe inspiring than anything I have ever known and I know I don’t ever want this feeling to stop.


You are my All

You are my Everything…..

Again…..Thank You for being YOU!!!!!


I Love You wholeheartedly, Unconditionally and with all My heart…..


Smilie: :)

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