Morning Monday Arghhh


A rather horrids nite sleep which led to me oversleeping by two hours. Not a good start to the day. Managed to see both my clients and get everything done without any hitches at all and now just back at the office relaxing with a well deserver coffee and a cigarette.


Am pretty much not feeling the rest of the day and can think of nothing better than just heading home, collapsing on the couch and staring mindlessly at the telly. Think perhaps Ill catch up on Season 3 of Merlin. Its been a while since I have just sat on my own and watched a series….. Although I do so miss My Lady, some alone time is always welcome. Just to sit and relax, think about things and generally be a vegetable without a care in the world Winking smile 


Looking forward to a nice dinner as well…. Not too sure what to make yet but nothing to complex or anything that requires more then 5min of cooking time. I am tired, and need to relax after a morning of dealing with clients…..


Till Later……

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