A Long Long Weekend!!!

My weekend started last week Wednesday, and it has been an incredibly relaxing few days for me. Got home on Wednesday evening and sat on the couch and watched Season 3 of Merlin from start to finish. Crawled off to bed at 4 in the morning and slept well into the early afternoon. My Lovely Lady came around later in the afternoon and we sat on the couch and watched telly and chatted. Went shopping and I got it into my head that a good idea for dinner would be Pork Belly and Roast potatoes….. Well let me tell you, the 2.5 hour cooking time was well worth the wait…It was AWESOME……


A good nights sleep and Friday, most of the day spent on the couch watching the cooking channel and random nonsense on DSTV once again. On Friday evening we went to dinner at Panchos in Obz with some friends, the food was really good but My Lady was ill Smilie: :( so we left and headed home to relax on the couch before bed….


Saturday I headed off to the airport to fetch a mate who was home from Johannesburg, after dropping him home I made a mission to find My Lady some Naartjie Game and let me tell you a mission it was. I went to three different stores on the way home and only one of them had it. Also picked up a massive box of Smarties which I managed to eat most of Smilie: ;)


Saturday night was also a quiet one at home on the couch watching episode after episode of the new 90210 Series which for some reason has me somewhat hooked……. Sunday was lazy day spent in bed all morning and a late breakfast at Obz Cafe which was just what the doctor ordered. They have a “homemade” Chilli Sauce there which is just incredible……


After lunch was a quick trip to Builders Warehouse as My Lady wanted a Window Cleaner Squeegee thing. And then it was off to Llundudno Beach, the beach is lovely but the wind was howling and the sand did a fine job of almost tearing us apart as we walked along the shoreline. Then off to a friends place in Hout Bay for some snacks and then it was home time.


Today was not a bad day, did a little bit of work but with issues on our phone and adsl line which have as of yet have still not been resolved (thank you and God Bless you TELKOM!!!!!!) not much was really done. Amazing to see just how much we rely on our internet and how little we can actually accomplish without it…….


Tomorrow is a brutal day on site at a client most of the day and then hopefully a well deserved braai at a friends place. All in all a well rounded long long weekend for me and I am feeling super relaxed and all round good Smilie: :) It is however time to hit the sack, I have allowed myself an extra hours sleep in the in the morning so its time I got to sleep so that I can enjoy my extra hour Smilie: :)

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