The Last Day of 2010

The Last Day of the Year Smilie: :) Spent yesterday getting all the ingredients for an awesome Camping out of town Oxtail Potjie….. Had a nice little breakfast at Piccolo in Gardens centre with My Lady. Left town for Caledon and a quiet New years eve… Just the two of us.

Much to our dismay it rained….and rained…. and rained…. and well just rained….. Not much fun trying to cook in the rain, spending half the time in the tent and half the time in the car……. One of the only good things of today is the food. The Oxtail itself wasnt cooked for long enough but the gravy and veggies did taste rather fantastic and by the looks of things we will have a week of leftovers Smilie: :)

Time to head to the warm dry tent in search of dry clothes and warm blankets….. Happy New Year all…. Hope yours is not as wet and windy as ours is….

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