January 2nd, 2011

Its been a rather pleasant day today Smilie: :) Weather not the best, all over cast and cloudy with rain but slept well and had a wonderful day with My lady. Went for an awesome breakfast at Obz Cafe and then we hit Century City for a bit of shopping. Finally got a curtain rail for my bedroom so looking forward to finally having curtains.

Not that I don’t like the view from my bedroom window but since I have moved in I haven’t had a curtain and the sun wakes me up rather early and I would like to keep the curtains closed during the day so the room doesn’t bake all day…..Now I just need a drill so I can put the railing up…..Also hit builders warehouse to look for cupboards/shelving. Everything we found though was rather pricey and wasn’t very well made either.

Spent the last couple of hours at home, cleaning and catching up on Admin. I hate admin, but alas it needs to be done so I am almost up to date and intend to keep it up to date throughout the rest of the year. Its going to be a busy year workwise and I need to be on top of my game Smilie: :)

Now its time for some relaxation and some series. I think Season 2 of Warehouse 13 for some mindless entertainment…..

Smilie: :)

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