January 6th,2011

Another Long day, and the weather is not being my friend at all…… It is soooo damn hot that it is driving me mad. I have been stuck in a factory and its offices all day. They dont have aircon but an array of ceiling fans which seemed fine earlier today but actually do nothing but move the hot air around. I am fairly convinced I have lost 4kg just by sweating it out!!!!!!

I probably should have spent another hour or two on site to get more work out the way but in this heat TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY!!!!. Am spreading myself quite thin tomorrow as im back on site to finish up with a large 15 PC reinstallation and its proving to be tough what with outdated dot matrix printers favored by accounting packages who also make money of selling their shitty invoices in reams and reams.It makes no sense to me in this day and age. Laser printers are incredibly fast, and the quality is awesome and toner is not too expensive. Come on people, don’t  be left in the dark ages, update your systems. Spend the money and you will find not only will your costs drop but low and behold with systems that are not slow and annoying you will find that your staffs productivity will increase as well. It’s a proven fact Smilie: :)

Also have to pop into another client right on the other side of town for an installation Corel Draw X3. A version which just does happen to work with Windows 7 and once the client is happy I can finally sign off on his annoying New PC Setup and get on with more important and challenging jobs. Had absolutely no time whatsoever today to work on anything to do with my company and its rather annoying as I have so much to do and so much to plan that at this rate I wont have the time that I want to spend on it.

Thankfully I am home, sitting in front of my fan enjoying what one could only call, a non oscillating blast of cold air Smilie: :) Better than nothing I might add but in the next couple of days I do believe I will be upgrading to one of those awesome fans that have the built in water tanks that “mist” you with refreshing blasts of water….Now this I cant wait for….. Also looking forward to spending sometime with My Lady tomorrow. I say this often but I am rather a very lucky man to have a woman as wonderful, loving and amazing as she is…. Love You Smilie: :)

A short trip to the fridge to fetch half filled bottles of water which I popped in the freezer when I got home and I think perhaps an episode or two of Haven, I have only watched the first episode so still not sure if its something I will get into but lets see shall we……. I think possibly i shall sneak off onto the balcony and see if there is any cold air out there for a short respite while having a last smoke for the evening……

Smilie: 8)

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