January 12th, 2011

Got to the office this morning after not having come in since Friday last week having been out and about at clients doing installations and system cleanups. So many things I had to get out of the way but fortunately a productive day.

I have been tasked with setting up a new Server running Windows Small Business Server 2008(SBS200Smilie: 8) for a client and on top of that it needs the Blackberry Enterprise Server installed on it so all the staff there with Blackberrys are able to run their mail and calendars etc off their phones making them more mobile.

I have played around with this setup before but managed to break my first install and haven’t had any time to retry but now it looks like I will be spending the next couple of days getting it right so we can go live with a full production server for our client. Sounds like an awful lot of work but I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into it and getting it right. Smilie: :)

I am just finishing up some admin at work and then off to see My Lady for a quiet evening on the couch and probably and early night to sleep as tomorrow is going to be an incredibly long day and I already have too much to do but with a good nights rest and a positive attitude  I am sure tomorrow will actually be an awesome day Smilie: :)

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