January 13th, 2011

It has just been one of those days. Did loads of work but don’t feel like I was productive at all. Spent all day at the office dealing with clients on the phone, doing remote desktop support and generally catching up on all the random odd jobs that were left over from last year.

Every now and then I deal with a client who makes me wonder how many escaped mental patients can succeed in fooling the world into believing they are normal and  place themselves in jobs in society showing only flashes of their true nature. MADNESS!!!!!! Some of the questions I was asked today!!! I just can’t believe some of these people can actually hold down full time day jobs without raising any suspicion amongst their co-workers at all.

Had to go on site this evening to do some work on a clients server and as always the server had to be offline for the work to be done so naturally the work could only be done AFTER hours which really does put a dampner on my day!!!! Fortunately I am home and about ready to hit the sack. Tomorrow is an exciting day for me…..5 Monthaversey for My Lady and I and I am looking forward to a nice quiet evening at home.Good food, Good wine and wonderful conversation. No Phones, no tv, no distractions. Just quality time with the woman I Love Smilie: :)

Nite All……….

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