January 17th, 2011

Spent all of today in the office again, dealing with clients over the phone and via email. One of those ridiculously productive days that should happen every day of the week but don’t seem to.  Also installed a little Windows Small Business Server for testing for a few projects I have in mind.

Running SBS 2003 for now to test on and once I know that what I want to do works I will upgrade to SBS 2008 for the full productions server. Popped into a client after work to see if I could have one more attempt at sorting out their unsolvable printer problem and managed to solve it within 5min of being there. Smilie: :) Sometimes you just have to think way outside the box……

Just finished off setting up an FTP server at home and now I think an episode or two of Caprica and then off to bed, early start for me in the morning and i want to get as much sleep as humanly possible…….

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