January 20th, 2011

Another long day at the office. Spent the morning in the office dealing with clients telephonically and then managed to spend an hour just having breakfast, a good coffee and caught up on the all the latest tech news (Thank You Blackberry and Viigo) Smilie: :)

Spent the afternoon at a client just sorting out a few odds and ends on his PC and then back to the office where I have spent the rest of the day backing up back ups. A rather dull and painstaking job but has to be done. Also had a fight with a virus, Damn you W32.Virut.CF…. No way to get rid of this blighter once it has laid its roots on your system no matter what Symantec says…….

Now its time to head home and possibly stop somewhere on the way for a bite to eat. I am a hungry man!!!!!

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