Mr Chans

Today was just another day, not much to say. Spent most of the day in the office doing random tasks. Been having some issues with my work desktop and considering reinstalling as I have tried just about everything to get it working properly again but nothing helps. It is just very very slow, unresponsive and will hang for short periods of time for no apparent reason whatsoever.

My Lady and I went to see my Aunt for a while this evening to catch up as she has just been overseas and seen some of the family so she brought some news and some gifts too. It seems anyone who ever sends me anything from overseas always sends me T-Shirts. The world over I must be known as the guy who only wants T-shirts…. Send me cash people!!!!!! Smilie: ;)

Decided to pop out for dinner on the way home and went to Mr Chans in Seapoint. Lovely little place and the service is not too bad although at times it can be somewhat non existent or just too much!!!!! Had the Sweet Chilli Pork Riblets for starters and I reckon you need to get on down there and try these out Smilie: :) All in all a very nice meal and now time for bed. Feeling a bit ragged as still haven’t taken any leave at all and it is starting to catch up to me…….

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