On The Mend

Not really a bad day today!! Still felt really ill but have been getting better all day and right I think I might actually get a good nites sleep. Thankfully my lady is very understanding and has put up with my nocturnal habits….

Just had my last smoke of the nite which I know is probably not the best idea in the world considering I’m ill and its probably just making things worse for me.

Spent the morning at a friends place cleaning the flat and making sure its ready for its new tenants to move in on the weekend. Did a bit of reading in the afternoon and spent some time online catching up on emails and doing a bit of work. Am busy getting into using all the social media available to me to get my site working nicely – its a really awesome thing that I can pretty much do everything I need to do on the site using my Blackberry…. From blogging to Twitter to Facebook!!!!

My Lady mentioned earlier to me that there were new models of the Kindle released this week so definately going to check those out. I have the Kindle App on my Blackberry and I LOVE it!!!!

But for now I think its time to get some sleep…..

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