Time for Change!!!!

I have been using the same theme for this site for the last couple of months and have now decided that it is time for an update. I wanted to keep the dark colours  but have something that I felt was little more sleek and stylish compared to the old look and feel. I think I have found the right look. I am going to be spending the next couple of weeks really working at the site to make it more user friendly, much more interactive and I am going to be using a lot of social media with the site. I want the site to be my focus point but be able to have the content connected to Facebook and Twitter.

I  am also doing a bit of work with regards to what sort of content I will posting to the site from now on. Will it be meaningless daily meanderings or will the be a specific point of focus. For now I will keep posting as I normally do until I know which direction I’d like to take the site in. If you have any ideas, anything that you think would be great topics to blog about please send them email them through to me on: darkness@angelofdarkness.co.za

One of my main aims to is to do most of my posting on the site using my Blackberry and having the site post all the content to Facebook and to Twitter. I think it is really great to have a Smart Phone that can allow us to do everything we need to do on a daily basis from one handset. Most of the work I do can be done via email, and my Blackberry is brilliant for this. I am able to handle all of my emails as well as keep in touch with family, friends and clients using a host of brilliant apps like Blackberry Messenger and WhatsApp. I am able to view, edit and create Microsoft Office documents  and can view PDF files with no problems at all.

And on the fun side I can play most music formats and can watch most video formats on the phone so when I’m travelling I have all the entertainment I need. One of my favourite Apps is the Kindle App. This allows you to read Kindle Books bought from Amazon online on either your Handset, Tablet or PC if you don’t own a Kindle. Depending on the size of your Memory Card you can store up to 10 000 E-Books on you phone. And there is a huge selection of books for you to choose from: Kindle Books Home Page

I have tried a lot of Smart Phones out there and can say for me the Blackberry is the best but obviously that just my personal opinion. Smile

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