ISP from Hell

I have had my internet “connected” for exactly two weeks. In those two weeks it connected twice in the first day it was on and according to my account I have used 35mb of data. Strange thing is my uncapped account shows up as capped and despite numerous phone calls and emails nobody has managed to rectify the issue and nobody has bothered to contact me at all.

I’m starting to wonder if ill ever be connected at all. The entire system here seems to be an abortion. Depending on my network settings I am able to see other pcs in the building which is not supposed to happen. I can access the login page of their Firewall and I’m pretty sure it won’t take long to open it up either.

I am now getting my network icon showing network connectivity and it shows Internet Access. This would be fantastic if it was not a lie. I’m wondering who to blame first. Surely if there is no internet access then Windows 7 should not show internet connectivity. And surely if there is no connectivity the ISP should be fixing the issue – when I am on hold with them their is a voice telling me how successful they are and how clients are signing up for their wonderful services as I listen to the message.

I’m not being difficult or asking for too much when all I want is the service I am paying for to actually work the way it is supposed to and also for their support staff to actually do their jobs and give me the support I require!!! One of their technicians when I did manage to speak to them told me I had to replace my hardware – hardware which I know for a fact to be far superior to the cheap shoddy hardware they are using themselves!!!!

I am at wits end as in this building you have NO choice but to use their system. When the building was first built Telkom could not provide the infrastructure they needed so they sold the rights to one of these “Gated Villages” companies which provides Internet, phone and Satelite TV services on demand. So far I have received nothing but I am going to start demanding!!!!

And I’m pretty sure that despite having no service at all for half a month there will be no refund or pro-rata rate for me as is normal with these companies. They get away with charging you a monthly fee and whether it works for the entire contract period or not I am still liable for it. Hmmmmm I wonder what the new consumer act has to say about that?? Perhaps I shall look into that tomorrow as well!!!!!

Despite their reputation when I was running a normal Telkom ADSL line I never had an issue with them once in over 2 years or so of being connected. I have had this setup for two weeks and have NEVER used it without so much as an apology. Perhaps I should apply for a job at this ISP and show them how things actually work and how to keep them working as well!!!

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