Netbook Flavas!!!!

I have gotten a bit of a bee in my bonnet and have pulled out my old Acer Aspire One Netbook and I am on a mission to find a really good Netbook OS that will run well on the old hardware but will also provide me with a really good Google Experience as well.

Id really like to try Google Chrome OS but at the moment there is no 32bit version of it that I can find so I am forced into using one of the other Distros out there. I am downloading JoliCloud. I did give this a try about 2 years ago but I cant actually remember the experience so hopefully in the next hour I will have it installed and will be able to start checking it out.

At one stage I did install the Ubuntu Netbook remix but found it rather chunky and sluggish on my hardware. For the last couple of months I have been running Debian Mint (Although to be honest the Netbook has been packed away the last couple of months.)

Im just in the frame of mind that I have this old netbook so I might as well try and make it usable as it does have a rather good battery life and is a really great size for carrying around all day when I go from client to client. Got about 25min to go on the download so think I am going to make myself a coffee and have a smoke and then get to the installing part of things Smile

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