Noisy Neighbours

Why is it that people who live in blocks of flats seem to think that when they come home after a night on the town the best thing they can do is bring their drunk selves home along with their drunk friends so they can have a annoyingly loud and pointless conversation on their balcony where obviously the entire block of flats surely can’t hear the insignificant drivel pouring forth from them.

Please do us a favor and either shut your door and have your chats INSIDE or go to someone else’s flat and bother their Neighbours. We don’t want to listen to your shit music from your crap sound system which normally sounds like poor small animals being torn apart over and over. Also keep in mind the person you are screaming at happens to be so close to youmthatnyour drunken spittle is landing on their face ……….

Fucking Inconsiderate Morons!!!!!

Category(s): Dark Ramblings

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