New Tech :)

I have gone out and got myself a Microserver for home Smilie: :) It is a really old school HP Proliant Microserver. Very low specs but the main use is for extra storage. I have manged to install Windows Small Business Server 2008 on it (Wanted to run 2011 but the install failed due to lack of interest or something of the sort).

So I have completed the SBS 2008 install and now I am starting to spend some time playing around and seeing juts how exactly a Windows Server works. The nice thing about SBS is it pretty much configures most of the roles and features that you would need in a production environment for you during the install so for me its a good place to start learning how to run a MS server.

Being my first post in a rather long time I notice my WordPress install is also asking to be updated and there seems to be 9 plugins which need to upgraded as well…… Looks like its going to be a rather long night for me sorting all these bits n pieces out……

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