So yet again its been an awful long time since I posted anything and this is because I have been super super busy at work and running my business. Sometimes they just creep up on me and I find that every waking hour is spent on work, admin, billing, client support sigh

Not much time have I had for me or my lady the last couple of weeks but i’ve managed to catch up a bit on most things and now have made sure that I will be spending a lot more time offline and not working, hanging out with My Lady and doing awesome outdoor things instead of being cooped up inside just sitting in front of my pcs are constantly watching TV. Weather is not really good for much these days as its always bloody freezing so I am looking well forward to summer coming along and saving this poor cold soul of me.

Also I have put aside some time to really get into WordPress. Lately I have had a few clients contact me because their sites have been “hacked” and their web developers/designers seem to have no idea why and are intent on blaming the host for their mistakes. So I have spent a bit of time researching and learning simple things to do for your wordpress site in order to stop this from happening. To start you off check out this post on Hardening WordPress

Well enough time in front of the PC for now…… Time to try a cup of Chai and get warm.

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