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At the moment I am spending some more time on getting Buddypress up and running with the intention of getting a community site up and running. So far I have got the basics ready.

Buddy Press Site

Have managed to set it up so that you can only view certain pages (Groups/Members Etc) if you are a registered user that is logged in. I am having some issues with getting Invites/Join Codes working as this is how I want the site to be running. If you don’t get an invite then obviously we don’t want you around Smilie: ;)

There are a lot of plugins to help customise the site that can be found HERE.
However it looks to me that a lot of the “cooler” plugins I would want to use have not been worked on in over 2 years. This is a problem for me going forward as I don’t have the know how of how to create/edit plugins.

I’d like the site to have similar functionality to Facebook, so basically there is a timeline, then you have Members, Friends, Groups and Activity. There is also Forum integration using bbPress which I have installed but must say  I am not thrilled with the way it looks and works but this is still a work in progress.

I will be working on this over the next couple of weeks with a nice long break at the end of the year when I take a well deserved holiday from all things work……

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