Happy New Year 2013

So we made it to 2013. That’s good. Nothing like waking up the first day of the new year hungover and feeling just short of tip!!!

Hopefully this is no indication of how the rest of the year will be Smilie: ;) Having said that what a brilliant party it was – good friends, good food and plenty of good booze.

I could go on but right now all I want to do is relax so wishing you all a brilliant 2013.

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New Tech :)

I have gone out and got myself a Microserver for home Smilie: :) It is a really old school HP Proliant Microserver. Very low specs but the main use is for extra storage. I have manged to install Windows Small Business Server 2008 on it (Wanted to run 2011 but the install failed due to lack of interest or something of the sort).

So I have completed the SBS 2008 install and now I am starting to spend some time playing around and seeing juts how exactly a Windows Server works. The nice thing about SBS is it pretty much configures most of the roles and features that you would need in a production environment for you during the install so for me its a good place to start learning how to run a MS server.

Being my first post in a rather long time I notice my WordPress install is also asking to be updated and there seems to be 9 plugins which need to upgraded as well…… Looks like its going to be a rather long night for me sorting all these bits n pieces out……

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Plague Inc – Ndemic Creations

I have been playing this awesome game on my iPod Touch and iPad. Its called Plague Inc. and it was developed by Ndemic Creations. The whole point of the game is basically to kill everyone in the world by starting a disease and then spreading in worldwide and ultimately destroying the human population. Sounds pretty sick yes I know but its a rather addictive game.







The Whole game is played on one screen mainly which is a map of the world. You start of the game by choosing a country which will be the first place infected with your disease and from there you have to transform your disease by mutating it. There are 3 main sections to do this: Transmission, Symptoms and Abilities

As the game progresses you earn DNA points and it is these points which allow you to mutate your disease. The more people your disease kills the more notice the world takes and they start to research a cure.

I could go on and on about this game but the only way for you to see what I’m talking about is to get it on your IOS device ASAP and join the fun.


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iPod Touch for the Win!!!

I was determined to get myself an E-Reader of sorts. I have an iPad2 which I do use for reading but I find that it isn’t great in all situations and locations for reading. I had my eye on the Kindle for a while but when I finally got to use one properly I wasn’t all that impressed with it. It is just what it says it is, an E-Book Reader….

I then started looking at some of the Android Tablets out there. I thought to myself, for more or less the same price as a Kindle if not cheaper, I could get myself a very cool Android Tablet that not only could be used to ready E-Books but also had all the other functionality that I could use, such as Email, Browsing, Skype and the occasional game
as well. I had my eye on the Samsung 7″ Tablet┬ábut this was also close to the size of my iPad so back to the drawing board I went.

It was then that I started toying with the idea of getting myself an iPod Touch. It was small enough for me to use everywhere, has all the features and functionality of my iPad and it was not much more expensive than the Kindle or the Android Tablet. I tried to wait as long as possible to buy it but eventually I caved in and got one. And all I can say is that I am incredibly happy with it. I use it every day at home and at work. I’m away from my desk a lot during the day and I don’t carry my phone around with me but the iPod is awesome. It slips into my pocket and I have my entire office right with me all the time. Much to the dismay of my colleagues I call it my iPad Mini!!! Or perhaps the iPad should be called the iPod Mega????


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Noisy Neighbours

Why is it that people who live in blocks of flats seem to think that when they come home after a night on the town the best thing they can do is bring their drunk selves home along with their drunk friends so they can have a annoyingly loud and pointless conversation on their balcony where obviously the entire block of flats surely can’t hear the insignificant drivel pouring forth from them.

Please do us a favor and either shut your door and have your chats INSIDE or go to someone else’s flat and bother their Neighbours. We don’t want to listen to your shit music from your crap sound system which normally sounds like poor small animals being torn apart over and over. Also keep in mind the person you are screaming at happens to be so close to youmthatnyour drunken spittle is landing on their face ……….

Fucking Inconsiderate Morons!!!!!

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