The Answer

Nearly 2:30am, and surprise surpise, still awake, with sleep nowhere in sight! All these thoughs flowing through my head. When, What, How, Why…. Its always the same. Constantly searching for something that I can just never find. It flaunts itself to me yet remains ever elusive.

I go on from day to day, going through the motions. The same over and over, It never seems to change. What can we do to change our lives. To take the essence of life in the palm of our hand and mold it into something we can be happy with. Something we would proud of, and of course something we can share with someone else.

What exactly is the purpose of our lives. Why do we go on day in and day out…..For What??? Is there an answer to these questions. Or do we just go on endlessly hoping that one day the answer will fall into our hands and our lives will mean something……

There is an emptiness inside me which I constantly strive to fill and no matter what I do, or try I cannot seem to do accomplish this one seemingly simple goal. Give me the answer to my life, give me the answer to my dreams……

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