I’ve always wondered what one word ending in “ist” would sum me up.
There are so many out there:

  • Hedonist – “Someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures
  • Sadist – “Someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others”
  • Masochist – “Someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment”
  • Masogynist – “A misanthrope who dislikes woman in particular”
  • Narcissist – “Someone in love with themselves”
  • Sexist – “A man with a chauvinistic belief in the inferiority of women”
  • Classist – “Someone who is biased based on social or economic class”

First and foremost I cannot deny my hedonistic side, I believe my major driving force in life Smilie: ;) There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel pleasure. Pleasure is your friend, in anything you do whether it be work related or personal. Without pleasure life would be a tad dull.

I can also say that narccisism is not, and never will be even a small portion of who I am and what I am about but that said, without a bit of self love, well that would mean no self confidence, insecurity and very low self worth. You cannot ever hope to be loved if you cant love yourself. Just don’t over do it.

Sexism, I do not know the meaning of the word…Well now I do but I find dealing with sexists is like having your foot cut of with one of those plastic take away spoons you get when you order ice cream in a tub. Boring, mindless self centred men who feel intimidated by the woman of today. While they believe woman are inferior I think this is more fear that what they see is the weaker sex is by far better most things than they could ever hope to be.

Sadism and Masochism, well they tend to fall into the same category for me but each to their own. As for being a Masogynist – I find this particular frame of mind rather dumbfounding. Who on this planet, in this Universe could have a dislike for woman… Utterly outrageous. This mind set should have been left in the stone age with Crocs and Hammerpants.

Classist – well I cant deny being guilty of this one. In this day and age you meet a wide range of different people and while the majority are all good and well there are the occasional (alright a little more so than occasional!!!) exceptions where I cant help but make comment.

So all in all I feel a well rounded, balanced “Ist”look on life.

What sums you up?

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