I’ve never really understood what love is. Is it an emotion, is it something we create in order to convince ourselves we want to be with someone. Does love have physical symptoms as well as emotional?

I know think I have an understanding of this love thing. Everyone has a different interpretation of what love is….here’s mine…..

When I’m apart from the woman I love I feel torn, a small piece of me is missing. I think about her constantly, just the thought of her makes me smile, waves of uncontrollable emotion wash over me.

The sight of her makes my heart jump, I lose my breath…. Its as though I’ve been awakened from a deep dull slumber. I look at the world through new eyes…. Everything has meaning.

Just being in her presence makes me feel safe, complete, I feel as though I’m no longer drifting at sea with no hope of being saved. The dark has turned to light and life is so much more real and amazing. I am so much a better person for it. My Love for her makes me be the man I am and everyday I thank you for it….

I Love You

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