Diary Entry 3

Not a bad end to the day. Went out for dinner with friends who made me laugh and smile. Its good to have people around you that care for you and are actually around in your times of need. I find that a rarity amongst people these days.

My thoughts are slowly but surely slowing down, my body is tired and well fed and it is early enough for me to lay my head down to sleep. I have had a good few hours of good solid thought on the this whole situation and I am starting to deal with it in the mature and adult fashion that I should have been right from the start. There is no wrong and right, there is no blame to lay. The time to take a step back and wait is at hand.

I have done nothing wrong but loved you, I have done nothing but given you my all and everything. I have given you the care and affection fit for a queen. I have made you laugh, made you smile. And all I ask in return is that you love me for who I am. I have given you my heart to do with As You Wish. I am yours unconditionally.

I have seen you look at me with love, I have felt your soft touch, your care and affection and you have made me laugh and smile. You have filled my life with colours, shapes and flavours I never dreamed possibly. You have opened my eyes and shown me how to love…….

Goodnight My Love……….

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