Another Book Down!!!!

And finally bed time, have just finished reading Dan Browns latest offering – The Lost Symbol. Not a bad read but very similar in plots as Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code.

I find myself tired and ready for bed. Looks like a long day at work tomorrow and I really want to leave as early as possible so I can spend a fantastic evening with the Woman I Love Smilie: :) I hope the day is not filled with random stupidness from clients who seem to have a habit of asking stupid questions and putting me in a foul mood because of it.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have started a New Project and I am looking really forward to sinking my teeth into it and getting it up and running as soon as possible so to test out all the possibilities it can provide me with. It is good to feel so motivated. I feel like I can accomplish anything… There is nothing that can hold me back, not even stupid people……

May You Sleep Peacefully and Wake as Happy as I Do Smilie: :)

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