What A Day

Today started out with me oversleeping by an hour. Still felt no need whatsoever to rush to work mind you and I’m glad I didn’t considering it was a rather annoying day.

From home straight to a client who felt the need to sit and talk absolute nonesense to me for the entire hour I was there working. Must remember to double bill for that!!!

Had to go to the bank and the post office as well which was nightmarish – the queues are incredibly fast until I’m next then it takes hours for the next person to finish Smilie: :(

And then as I was leaving work early at 3 to go spend some quality time with My Lady – emergency client!!!! Had to drive to the other side of the world in traffic only to arrive and find client was gone and had to wait 45min to get what I needed.

Then just about time to start making dinner time another idiotic client who made me drive halfway across the world for an extreme emergency only to find out they had merely unplugged the almighty firewall – IDIOTS

Got back to My Lady and we made awesome pizzas for dinner and now just chilling on the couch talking and laughing Smilie: :)

So an AWESOME end to day Smilie: :)

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