Lazy Telly Day :)


Was woken at 5am this morning due to a broken emergency door in My Ladies building – it just kept slamming and slamming in the wind. Security who apparently patrols once an hour seemed oblivious to the fact this banging door might be not only annoying, but a security breach!!!

From there on out an awesome lazy day. Stayed in bed till midday just snoozing Smilie: :) Am housesitting for a friend out in Tableview so we drove out to his place. Just relaxed on the couch in front of the telly watching the Food Channel on DstvJamie Oliver ROCKS!!!!

Made an awesome dinner of Ham and cheese rolls with Mustard and Heinz Canned Smoked chicken breast Rolls with an awesome coldslaw salad with loads of Mayo and raisins. Desert was Moirs Instant Choc pudding with chunks of oranges Mmmmmm – also had a pineapple to snack on.

Just been relaxing on the couch now and its looking close to bed time – another fantastic day Smilie: :)

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