Home at Last!!!!


Finally Home……Amazing how at this time on a Sunday there are road blocks in the oddest of places. Its almost as though the police are out to write as many tickets as possible so they can get a good Xmas bonus!!!!! Decided to head home and get a good sleep in then back to the office a couple hours earlier than usual to finish up my work before I need to head off to clients in the morning.


Looking forward to getting up, having a hot hot shower and then heading off to the office for an awesomely strong cup of coffee and then getting to work. I think if I didn’t have to work I would go somewhat mad. My brain requires constant stimulation so no work is a somewhat boring boring day for me.


Still on my quest for fizzy Oros…I looked in every store I went to this weekend and NOT A ONE!!!! Managed to find the powdered Oros and can definately recommend the Berry and the Mango/Orange flavor. Have yet to mix up the Apple and the Litchi flavours…….Looking rather forward to it though.


Well here’s hoping that tomorrow is an awesome day.


Good Night All Smilie: :)

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