Lazy Wed

Woke up this morning next to My Lady, which is always the best part of my day Smilie: :). Slept rather well last night. Early up and off to work, didn’t manage to have a coffee early enough in the morning which led to an awful afternoon.

Had a meeting with a client who spent an hour chewing us up and trying to spit us out, pity it was he who was in the wrong and due to his stupidity he has cost his company over R100 000 in the last few months for not bothering to pay attention to our numerous requests to cancel certain unnecessary services his company does not need and now that the pressure, the blame and all the facts point to him not doing his job correctly.

How I do so hate stupid people and I especially hate people who cannot admit to the mistakes they have made. If you make a mistake, face up to it. We can only learn from our mistakes in life!!!!!

Not much else happened for the rest of the day so managed to head home, with no work to do whatsoever. Made myself a little Smokey Cheese and Bacon Pasta for dinner and have been sitting on the couch for the couple of hours just watching TV, eating crisps and drinking soda…..A well deserved evening of relaxation and bit of decadence……

No work tomorrow so I am just going to sit on this couch until I fall asleep…

Smilie: :)

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