Out of Sorts!!!!

What a trying day so far. The weather I must admit is awesome!!!! Overcast with a slight drizzle of rain. I am working on site today at a very difficult client. He is very VERY specific about the way his PC is setup and things are just going pear shaped.

Over the last few years he has insisted on using Microsoft Scheduler for his appointments and tasks and this is causing most horrid issues for me. 10 Years of data that needs to now suddenly work in Outlook 2010 and there seems to be no easy if any way of importing the data, Microsoft has but one solution that I can find myself and the last time I tried it on my personal laptop it crashed my Outlook 2003!!!!! I do wish that people would stop being silly and actually keep up with the times…When technology changes…. EMRACE IT!!!!!

Was out for a lovely braai last nite but seemed to have eaten something that just does not agree with me so feeling a tad out of sorts today. Coupled with the fact that I know it is going to be an enormous struggle to complete my task for the day before my client returns make me not a happy camper but all we can do is smile and carry on I suppose!!!!!

Till Later

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