January 1st, 2011

What a miserable miserable morning. It has been raining all night and I am just happy that the tent held up and kept all the rain out. My Lady tells me there was thunder and lightening all night but since apparently I slept like the dead I only heard some paltry thunder early this morning when I woke up.

Its raining, and overcast and we are packing up and heading back into town. There seems to be some sunshine and blue skies off in the distant but My Lady has wisely pointed out that if we take the chance and stay the dark cloudy rainy blackness on the other side will just come back and make our day even more miserable.

It is definitely time to get back into town, to the creature comforts of home. Looking forward to a lovely hot shower, clean dry clothes and a warm soft comfortable bed. I can think of nothing better than settling back on the couch and watching movies with My Lady….. We have plenty of food leftover from last night mind you I think a stop on the way home for well deserved for a decent hot coffee…….

Not a great start to 2011 but always looking on the positive side is definitely the way to go so I have no doubts that despite the cold, windy and wet start to 2011 the year can only grow from strength to strength and Im sure it will be an absolutely awesome year. Smilie: :)

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