January 3rd, 2011

First day back at work for the new year. Spent most of today finishing off admin. Going through client files, checking that all the invoicing was being done correctly and on time. Its not easy to run your own small company and to work full time for someone else as well so i’m trying to juggle everything so as not to fall behind on either fronts.

Got home fairly early this evening and had an early dinner and have spent the best part of the last couple of hours watching more Warehouse 13 and doing some online research with regards to Blackberries and also checking out some WordPress plugins for a couple of projects I am thinking of starting. I’m all about starting a bunch of new ventures this year. I like having lots of things to keep me busy because I do find that if I spend too much time focusing on one particular task I tend to get bored and lose interest.

But I think for now its enough online time, going to sit back and relax and watch some more series…. I have an incredible amount of work to finish by Friday close of business and I am going to need all the rest that I can get………..

Goodnight All Smilie: :)

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