January 4th, 2011

What a day…..Way too hot to do anything really constructive. Didn’t sleep too badly considering the heat. Got the office early and got the aircon pumping out a sweet 16 degrees Smilie: :) Spent most of the morning putting together a marketing plan for my webhosting company. I have been running it for the last 8 years or so and its made money for me but I feel its time to up my game a little and really get aggressive in terms of marketing.

No matter what the economic climate, no matter how bad things get, there is always a need for webhosting. People always keep their online presence and seem to rely heavily these days on email to keep their businesses running and this is good for me. I’m not trying to compete with the big guns here but there is definitely a medium sized market for me to tap into and make money off Smilie: :)

Spent some of the afternoon trying to configure an ADSL router which I purchased from Sahara and the unit has not not functioned correctly since it came out the box. Nobody at Sahara can help or even seems to have a clue what the problem is and quite honestly they seem fairly uninterested in helping either. Its a case of “We have our money, don’t make you problems ours…..” The other problem I have with them is they do not have stock of the particular unit I have and seem to not be getting in stock again. This is rather annoying and just shows bad service levels all round.

Started looking at my company website as well in terms of what sort of services I have to offer. Very happy with the site and it looks rather awesome but I want to scale it down somewhat. Simplify the packages on offer and make it easy for the user to access the necessary information they require and also make it easy for them to apply for services online as well.

Also spent a bit of time looking at WordPress Time Management plugins. I have consultants that do work for me and I need them to log their time for me and I want it to be an online system so they can login on site where ever they are log their hours as soon as their tasks are complete since I am seeing that they are not logging hours correctly or not doing it on time so they forget and they and I lose out on hours to bill clients.

Spent the rest of the day configuring a spare ADSL router for remote access to my work desktops and servers. Sounds rather g33ky but I do enjoy making things work, just the simplest task of allowing remote access from anywhere in the world does tend to bring a smile to my face and brings me a small amount of joy, not only for the fact that it works but also that I seem to have a large amount of skills and knowledge in the profession I have chosen and my work does make me happy, and in this day and age being happy in ones job is for most people not happening.

Got home early evening and reinstalled my Acer Aspire One Netbook with the Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Remix. The machine itself is very old and slow and with an 8gig HDD it really isn’t something I could actually use for work – purely a machine I have lying around the house for Email, Web Browsing and blogging.

My Lovely Lady surprised me with a spontaneous trip to the Promenade in Sea Point for a walk and ice cream. It was extremely warm and many many other people had the same idea to get ice cream and walk along the seafront. It was mercifully cool right up close to the water and after a little walk we sat on a bench looking out to the ships at sea, all their lights blazing, we chatted, had some good laughs and it was really an awesome 2 hours……

Time now for me to get some sleep for the long hot day tomorrow Smilie: :)

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