January 9th, 2011

Today was just one of those slow weird days. Was up fairly early as My Lady went off to Breakfast to celebrate her Moms Bday Smilie: :) Spent the afternoon in my sauna of a bedroom. Really not happy with the room. It is way to hot and not a comfortable place to be at all….

Had to go into a client to finish off some work before all their staff return from leave tomorrow. It started off a simple job just installing some old school dot matrix printers on a third party accounting app and  turned into a vicious nightmare with Windows 7 just not liking the software or the drivers for the printers at all. Fortunately I myself did not have to do any of the work as the Technician who supports the app came out to help us and ended up doing all the hard work. What would have taken 20min on Good Old Windows XP took over 3.5 hours on Windows 7…… Thank You Microsoft!!!!!!

Back at home now and it seems to be getting cooler which makes it somewhat slightly less hellish being at home. Been feeling off the last couple of days. Work seems to be going alright and when I finally get some time to work on my own projects I am sure it will go as well I as i expect. Just something hanging over me which I just cant put my finger on. I need to focus on find what is causing me to feel this way and sort it out as soon as possible.

For now however I think an episode or two of Eureka – not sure if I have seen all of Season 3 or not but I will find out soon enough…….Smilie: :)

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