January 18th, 2011

Didnt wake up well this morning. Feeling tired and a bit worn out. Think its time to look at the schedule and try and take a day or two off work. One real day of leave over the festive season and new year and I am feeling the bite!!!

Was a good afternoon though. Got much done and got most of my backlog of admin work out of the way. So all thats left now is to schedule new projects for the new year and see clients. Going to make a big effort to keep my admin down to a minimum this year as it really does catch up with you if you skip it for even a day!!!!

Got my SBS 2003 up and running today and also got the Outlook Web Access portion live as well. Not bad for a Newbie…. Im very excited about it but enough for today. I am off to dinner with My Lady Smilie: :)

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