January 21st, 2011

What a week it has been. But finally the end of the week has arrived and it is time for some intense relaxation of Olympic Proportions. I don’t want to see my phone, or hear it until Monday morning. I want to ignore anything work related and focus on doing absolutely nothing.

Have 2 solid days of doing whatever it is My Lady and I would like to do. No plans, nowhere to be, no one to see……LOVELY……. Am just getting ready to leave work for the day and I am trying to think of something awesome to cook for dinner. Always preferred home cooked meals to going out to restaurants or getting take out.

Had a fairly productive day and as I look back on the week I can think of nothing outstanding that will suddenly come back to haunt me on Monday morning. So it is thus I head off into the weekend with nothing to worry about Smilie: :)

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