January 22nd, 2011

What a wonderfully relaxing daySmilie: :) Managed to sleep in fairly late this morning and as always was awesome to wake up next to the woman I love….. Spent the rest of the day on the couch watching telly. Also did some DIY and put a curtain in my bedroom and it is looking rather awesome. Nothing like getting up on a ladder and doing some masonry drilling to feel all manly I say….

Its only been up a couple of hours but I can already notice that the room, fortunately Smilie: :), is much cooler and I reckon the curtain will definately help as the room usually is baked by the sun all day and a night mare to sleep in at night.

Did a little shopping earlier to get some goodies for dinner, made some awesome puddings and also got a hold of one of those Yellow Watermelons, Yes it does sound odd but they had Yellow and Orange, not the usual colour. No real difference in flavour mind you but as always, watermelon sweet, tasty and refreshing.

Not so impressed with my place at the moment,the wind is horrendous and it makes it very difficult to do anything, to get to sleep is horrid and the wind is so loud you also struggle to even hear the TV. I’d like nothing better than to move somewhere where the wind is not as annoying and constant as it seems to be here. The neighbours are also a tad ignorant. On my planet it is not really normal for the entire family to sit in their car outside their house,drinks in hand and music playing loud. Why did you bother to buy the house then???? Go party somewhere else, preferably where you are annoying me and nobody can hear your shitty taste in music!!!!!

The wind can howl incessantly yet it cant seem to blow my neighbours away!!!! I think it’s time for that last cigarette of the night and then bed time. A long day of practically doing nothing has left me somewhat exhausted and I am hoping to get a really good nights sleep Smilie: :)

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