Best & Most Relaxed Weekend EVER!!!!!

This weekend has just been the most amazing and relaxed weekend I have ever had. Slept incredibly late this morning which was awesome. Due to my new curtain the sun did not wake me up and the room was not a baking sauna first thing in the morning. It was just dark and cool and just perfect for sleeping in Smilie: :)

Did virtually nothing all day except for lazing about in bed watching tv and chatting with My Lady. Did a little grocery shopping and been at home for a bit just catching up on some emails and having a chat with a very good friend of mine who lives in Holland. She is coming out soon for a friends wedding so we arranging a night out on the town…. Trouble is a coming!!!!!!

Got a touch of a headache and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. One of those nasty throbbing headaches grgrgrgrgrgr. The wind here is not helping either. Its picked up and is blazing away. I am really not happy about this and coupled once again with my wonderful, thoughtful neighbours who are blasting something terrible on their boombox, is just downright plain annoying. I really do wonder how I am going to last in this place with such considerate neighbours on all sides…….

Right about now I would live anywhere but here. I think it’s probably more pleasant staying at a bus stop than here!!!!!! Going up to bed now in the hopes they stop their noise just long enough for me to actually fall asleep at a decent hour. I thinks tomorrow is going to be a long day… I generally hate Mondays at the best of times but when I haven’t slept properly they are just boring, irritating days that never seem to want to end.

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