No Power

Today started off with a client having a power failure at their head office, normally not a biggie but when they have 12 branches country wide that connect to the head office server this becomes a problem. Especially when the head office phone system is linked to the adsl line and when the power is down they have no way of calling the branches to let them know they are down. EVER HEARD OF CELLPHONES MORONS!!!!!

All morning I had branches calling me to say everything was broken and the disappointment when they realised they had no right to scream and shout at me was in their voices Smilie: ;).

Other than that a fairly restful day in the cool airconditoned sanctuary I call , THE OFFICE. As I spent all of last week basically catching up on all my admin and outstanding tasks there was not really much to do in the office so I spent some of the day looking for weird and wonderful applications for both my PC and my Blackberry. Found some wikkid apps which I will definitely be testing out over the next couple of days.

Always on the lookout for tools and applications that can help me be more productive and that can also help me manage my tasks, and time better. Been home for a while now and have just been cleaning up my poor old Dell D400 laptop. This thing is older than time itself but does the job and over the last few days it has been incredibly slow and keeps hanging.

I have finally worked out that this will happen when you install Microsofts Windows Search 4.0 – this is possibly the most annoying piece of software I have ever come across. It doesn’t really do anything useful as far as I am concerned and it just eats resources left right and centre.

So finally got the Dell running nicely, downgraded from Outlook 2010 back to trusty ole 2003 which works like a BOMB!!!!! 2010 is a great piece of software if you have the hardware that can handle it and while I do run it on my workstations this poor laptop seems to like old school much better.

Got a client first thing in the morning so off to bed for me.

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