Much to my dismay I could not sleep at all last night and I’m really not happy this morning. It was one of those nights where sleep just would not come. I tried to sleep but to no avail…. I tossed and turned and eventually at about 4:30am I got up. Put the kettle on and had a hot hot shower. Just to rub salt into the wounds I’m running very low on milk and quite frankly it is too damn cold to go to the store right now to get any…..

I hate nights like last night. Starts of with your mind wondering, thinking about all and everything and yet in actual fact thinking about nothing at all. If I at least had a valid reason for not sleeping I wouldn’t be so grumpy but there is nothing…. I should have slept like a rock but I didn’t!!!!! I would try sleep now but I have the electrician coming round in a couple of hours and I know that if I fall asleep he could phone and knock till the cows come home and I wouldn’t hear a thing and for the last couple of days the power has been tripping left right and center and it’s becoming increasingly annoying.

I spent 3 hours working on a spreadsheet earlier on the last cell I was working in the power went out and when I tried to recover the document I had lost EVERYTHING!!!!! So I will have to spend the next 3 hours recreating it as I need it for a meeting….. Oh Cruel World…Why Have You Forsaken Me??????


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