Im about 5min away from deciding if im going to be up all night or if im going to give up and go to bed. Spent the last hour or so playing around with Buddypress. I have it up and running and I like what I see so far in terms of having a really awesome social networking site.

Right now I am working on how to secure the site so that only members can access the forums/activites/members pages. There are a couple of plugins out there but at this time of night they all seem like too much work and I know once I start working it I probably wont get a decent nights sleep and I really need to sleep Smilie: :)

That said it is annoying me intensely that I cant get done what I want. I had it working a couple years back when BuddyPress was still in its infancy and I cant for the life of me remember what plugin or workaround I used to secure the pages to be viewed only by members who were logged in. I also had a nice invite only system which generated invite codes for new members….. The general idea is to create an awesome site for people to come to in order to share ideas, pics and anything else they want to without all the advertising and annoying apps that other social networking sites force onto the user.

My other major issue is that my heater fan seems to be not be performing as it should be in keeping my feet warm and this is truly a travesty in my eyes!!!!!


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