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About an hour ago I received the usual Blackberry App World message saying the Facebook App has an upgrade available. Great, awesome… Did the upgrade and as usual can find no real difference to the app whatsoever!!! So my first complaint is if you are gonna send out an upgrade at least add some new functionality to the damn thing

Secondly – I have two Blackberrys, the Bold 9700 and the Curve 9300. The upgrade is available to my Bold and the Curve is still waiting for its Facebook App Upgrade over an hour later!!!! What’s up with that??? Surely you can do upgrades to all devices across the board at the same time. There is no real difference to the phones and they are both running OS 6.

My third and final complaint for now is that within the Facebook App there is an option to install a Feedback Tool. I think this is a great tool which allows users to submit issues etc direct to Facebook/App Developers but when I try install it, it tells me it is not available for my Device…. That’s just not good enough now is it???

I do not actually use Facebook therefore the Facebook app much at all. I have found in recent months that I am just sick and tired of peoples stupid annoying status updates about their children, their pets, the food they just ate or the lighting in their toilets…. Just utter rubbish!!!!

That said, I must say I am loving my Bold 9700 – the better display than my Curve and the keypad is absolutely brilliant to use. I can think what it was like before I got my first Blackberry – how dismal indeed my life must have been Smilie: ;)

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