Plague Inc – Ndemic Creations

I have been playing this awesome game on my iPod Touch and iPad. Its called Plague Inc. and it was developed by Ndemic Creations. The whole point of the game is basically to kill everyone in the world by starting a disease and then spreading in worldwide and ultimately destroying the human population. Sounds pretty sick yes I know but its a rather addictive game.







The Whole game is played on one screen mainly which is a map of the world. You start of the game by choosing a country which will be the first place infected with your disease and from there you have to transform your disease by mutating it. There are 3 main sections to do this: Transmission, Symptoms and Abilities

As the game progresses you earn DNA points and it is these points which allow you to mutate your disease. The more people your disease kills the more notice the world takes and they start to research a cure.

I could go on and on about this game but the only way for you to see what I’m talking about is to get it on your IOS device ASAP and join the fun.

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