Back to Work Tomorrow!

I have been wanting to post just about every other day this year but our wonderful friends Telkom have still not come out to install my phone line hence no ADSL and hence no connection to the outside world other than my trusty Samsung Galaxy S3. I have been on leave since December 12th 2012 and unfortunately tomorrow is the day that I must go back to work!!!!! Sucks Goats Balls it does!!!!

I have spent the first few days of 2013 doing not much. I have read many books, I have spent many hours in bed relaxing. I feel I worked really hard last year and therefore spent this holiday really really relaxing, but now it’s time to get my head back into the work vibe and go forward from here.

I have read the news every day to keep up with the happenings in the world and I am sad to say that it seems to be the same shit every day. So far most of the articles I read all involve death and rape. Checking out other African News and it seems as though war is the order of the day. I tried following entertainment news as well but celebrities and their stupid goings on just give me a headache. With any luck I should have my ADSL back up and running by the end of this coming week (please Telkom please!!!).

I’m off to read one more book for the holidays as I think there will not really be much time for fun and relaxation the first quarter of the year…

Compliments of the season to you all. May 2013 be a brilliant and prosperous year for you all!

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